Don't make your home an easy target for burglars 

Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity.

A burglar only needs to spot an open window, unlocked side gate or dodgy alarm to make their move. Think about it – if you know your home security looks poor, so will a thief. Statistics show that properties with little security are 15 times more likely to be burgled than those with good security.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to secure your house – and put off thieves. a


Did you know that as part of their commitment to eliminate deaths and injuries due to domestic fires, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service carry out home fire safety checks completely free of charge?

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By law, gas engineers must be on the 'Gas Safe Register'

Only use a Gas Safe registered engineer and always check the Gas Safe ID card.

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Safety checklist

  • I’ve checked that all the doors and windows are locked – even if I’m just popping out for a minute.
  • I’ve fitted deadlocks to all outside doors. (Burglars hate them because you need a key to open them from the inside as well as the outside.)
  • I’ve made sure the deadlock key isn’t in an obvious place. Its out of sight away from the letter box.
  • I’ve fitted key-operated locks to all the windows.(Burglars don’t like having to break glass because of the noise it makes and the risk of leaving forensic evidence.)
  • I’ve installed a visible burglar alarm, and turned it on!
  • My spare keys are not hidden outside, or in the garage or shed. (Burglars always look there!)
  • I’ve left the lights and the radio on a timer for the evening (as little as £2 each from DIY shops) so that it looks like I’m in.
  • Thieves can’t get into the garden – there’s a good fence, the side gate is padlocked (and it will take more than a good kick to get through it), and the shed is locked.
  • I’ve made sure the TV, video and other valuables can’t be seen from the window.
  • There isn’t any cash lying around.
  • Security lights are installed to light up the front doorway and the garden.
  • It’s dark outside so I’ve closed the curtains and left a light on while I’m out.


Do you know how much force householders can legally use against intruders?




Home security tip 1

Insurance – get it or regret it

Getting insurance is cheaper than paying out a small fortune to replace your stolen belongings. At least get cover for your most valuable possessions such as your computer, TV and jewellery. Remember: if you don’t lock your house, your insurance company may refuse to pay for the claims you make for losses.


Home security tip 2

Mark your property  

Mark important and expensive possessions (such as your computer or DVD player) with your postcode and house number using special security markers. Keep a record of the make, model and serial numbers of all your electrical equipment for reference too. If the police recover them after a burglary, this record will be proof that they are stolen goods - and that they are yours.

Read Home Office advice leaflet "KEEP IT SAFE. KEEP IT HIDDEN. KEEP IT LOCKED" 

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