This website has been set up to provide Neighbourhood Watch information to the members of the Priory Close Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Tarleton West Lancashire but the information is valid for anyone living in the Tarleton Area. Most of the material on this site originates from the Police in West Lancashire and South Ribble, and /or Lancashire Trading Standards Sevice. Material from other sources will be used if it is appropriate to the interests of the residents of Tarleton.

Visitors from elsewhere in the UK are welcome but it should be noted that although the advice is sound for most people, there is some information that is very specicific to people living in West Lancashire. (For example - some services and telephone numbers may not be valid for anyone living outside of the West Lancashire district.)





Lancashire Police have issued a warning for bank customers to be extra vigilant after several “card skimming” devices were found attached to cash machines in the area.

Each of themachines were found to contain a scanning device to steal card details. They also contained a mobile phone with a video recorder, which would be used to film people entering their pin numbers. It is believed the offenders have been waiting nearby and removing the device once the details have been obtained for the card.

Please be extra careful when using a cash machine. Although these devices look professional, they are often not fitted flush to the machine. The devices are also sometimes attached with strong sticky tape so when you enter your card, the device may wobble.

For more information on skimming devices see the video on the right.

If you do have any concerns at all regarding any possible devices on cash machines, please contact the bank and Police immediately.





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